Worx GT 2.0 MaxLithium 3-in-1 Trimmer, Edger Mower Review

We look at what makes the Worx 2.0 String Trimmer Special. We’ve reviewed this trimmer by looking at what makes it one of the best on the market.

A leveled grass porch is any homeowner’s dream. It brings serenity into your home. However, without the right tools, a well-manicured porch is hard to come-by. An assortment of shed tools is needed and this requires extra money and storage space. Yard tools that have more than one functionality are a better option. They give much in a compact size.

One such tool is the Worx GT2.0 MaxLithium trimmer, edger and mini-mower trio. It incorporates the functionality of a trimmer, edger and mower into one unique system. This multi-purpose application is a common attribute in most Worx shed tools. For more on this amazing product, here is a deep review into its use, features, highlights and drawbacks.


Worx GT2.0 in Details

If you are a seasoned landscaper, you probably have heard of or used Worx GT. GT2.O is derived from Worx GT failures. As its successor, Worx GT2.0 features certain enhancements that make it a better choice for your gardening needs.

Worx GT2.0 is a battery powered string trimmer. It gives you an alternative to the gas powered and electric powered trimmers that tend to be heavy or cause tripping. As a string trimmer, it rotates a monofilament line or string to cut off weeds instead of using a blade. The string is 100% automatically feed whenever the string gets too short.

This amazing trimmer, edger and mini-mower trio was released back in 2013, and has seen rise in sales. It comes in two models that differ only in battery output and price. The 20-volt battery GT2.0 is lower on price unlike the 32volt battery Worx GT2.0.

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Even though the design team claims to have fixed Worx GT battery capacity problem by doubling it up in GT2.0, most consumers still complain of quick battery drainage. Despite this claim, the mowing, trimming and edging system is still sturdily built with comfort and ease of use factored in its design.

Availability, Cost and Warranty

Worx GT2.0 is fairly priced compared to other lawn trimmers and edgers of its caliber. The price though may slightly differ depending on where you purchase the product.

You can always buy the Worx GT2.0 in your local supply store. Another option would be to purchase it online from Worx main site, or other authoritative sites like Amazon.

When buying online from Worx official site, they offer you two modes of payment. You can pay in three installments or pay in full if you have the whole amount.

Worx has an amazing disclaimer on most of its products. Worx GT2.0 is no exclusion. It features a two-year warranty that can be extended up to three years. In case of any malfunctions or lack of satisfaction, you have a 30-day money back guarantee.

What’s included

After purchase, you get the following in the box depending on the model you choose:

  • One Worx GT 2.0 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger/Mower
  • One miniture shaft with quick adjust from trimmer to edger to mini-mower
  • One or two 20v or 32v MAX Lithium-ion battery
  • One standard three-five hour charger or one rapid charger
  • Three spools
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty
  • Assembly

Worx GT2.0 MAX-Lithium comes preassembled with few installations required. Assembly of the remaining bit is easy and requires only a head screwdriver to fasten the screw pins. However, even with much installation done, you need to pay keen attention to the manual instructions to avoid time wastage. You can down the product manual online in case you misplace the hardcopy.

Follow the guide below for easy installation:

Start by charging the battery using the provided charging system

Attach the safety guard onto the trimmer. Begin by unscrewing the pin on the underside of the guard then gently placing the guard onto the rear side of the trimmer. Carefully push the guard till you hear it snap into place. Fastened the guard with the screw pin.

Placement of the wheel differs on how you intend to use the trio system. For an edger mode, attach the wheels to the trimmer’s side. Slide the wheels over the metal plate on the side of the trimmer. If you intend to use the mini-mover feature, fasten the wheels to the back of the safety guard. Slide the wheels vertically onto the metal plate beneath the safety guard till they lock into place.


Coating and material used

Worx shed tools are known for their bright aesthetic colors. The GT2.0 is no exception; it is embellished in a vibrant yellow and shiny black coating that makes it overall stylish. This amazing yard equipment is made of high quality materials for extra durability.

Cutting system

The cutting system is the most vital feature of any successful weed cutter or edge trimmer. It determines how precise your cuts will be. There are difficult cutting systems adorned by trimmers of all kind. Some are average performers and are suited for light to moderate work, while others are articulated for heavy duty applications that involve cutting woody plants.

Worx GT 2.0 is a string trimmer or weed cutter. This means it is suitable for moderate yard work application. It works on the principle of a string that spins fast enough is held from its rotating spool or housing by centrifugal force. The faster it rotates the stiffer the string.

Worx GT2.0 features the standard round trimmer line that tends to cut grass more than other vegetation around the yard. The line has a diameter of 0.065 inches; this is fair enough to do light to moderate trims. However, the small diameter limits its cutting capabilities and makes it prone to snap on tougher grass or bushes. But this is rectified with its reinforced composite nylon material that offers extra resistance and strength.

Its cutting system also features an automatic single line feed. The automatic line feed relies on a line spooling motor unlike bump feed that require you to hit the ground every time the line snaps. This feature is a plus to time management.

The weed cutter has a 12-inch cutting diameter that allows you to cover much ground in a short period. That’s advantageous when you have a big yard portion to cover.

The cutting system also includes an adjustable spacer guard that prevents you from accidentally cutting flowers or vegetation you did intend to cut.

Handle design, adjustability and user friendliness

worx gt2.0 review

Worx GT2.0 design team has put much effort into user comfort. The trio cutting system features a two-hand griping system that can also be easily be held by one hand depending on the work application. The handle grips are made of extra cushioning and are slip proof. Although users with tiny hands find the main handle a bit too large.

For comfort trim, Worx GT2.0 allows you to adjust easily adjust to any desirable height. The miniature mower, trimmer and edger system features seven lock height modifications. Its auxiliary handle can be moved to multiple positions. This makes the system sensitive to both short and tall users.

Worx GT2.0 also features a 90degrees rotating head that allows you to cut through the most difficult to reach places your standard mower is like to miss. These areas include, under the wood porch, behind the bushes or near the driveway. By using it as a secondary to your mower, you get to achieve crispy clean cuts for a well-manicured garden.

As a cordless trimmer, Worx is easy to use since it comes minus the drawbacks of heavy gas powered trimmers and the trip syndrome associated with electric powered ones. The downside to its battery powered feature is the lack of juicy to sustain long hours of mowing exercise.

In addition, as a multi-purpose tool, Worx GT2.0 allows effortless switch from one mode to another.

Battery system

The main feature that sets Worx GT2.0 apart from its predecessor is its improved battery capacity. This cutting system relies on new high density Max-Lithium batteries power to function. The Li-ion batteries are rechargeable. They come uncharged and therefore there is need to charge the batteries before use. The charging may take a maximum of 12hours the first time but after that they only require a maximum of 3-5 hours.

Proper storage is important if you want your batteries to serve you for long. Avoid keeping them in dump or wet areas.

Never try to drain the battery completely out when the charge is finished. Worx Max-Lithium batteries tend to stop working once the charge gets below a certain point. The battery automatically shuts-off when it reaches that level. Trying to squeeze out the last charge will kill your batteries life. Simply take it off for and recharge. You can buy spare batteries for use in case this happens.

Please note that though there are couple of complaints still surrounding the battery life, if you follow the given precautions, your Max-Lithium batteries will surely last. Though they put out a punch for limited time, they are far much better in performance than a trimmer battery that lasts long with a low power output.


One of the biggest nags to conventional gas powered trimmers is the weight. Gas powered trims are quite heavy especially when used for long hours. Worx GT2.0 is ultra-light. It weighs 5.7lbs making it easy to lift and maneuver around.

Wheel system

Worx GT2.0 comes with an optional two-wheel system that offers extra stability when using the trimmer. The wheels come in handy when using the trimmer as an edger. Otherwise, they can be a bother when trying to trim or mow the garden. Remember Worx GT2.0 is designed is such a way that it is extra light so the wheel don’t offer much of support.


Worx GT2.0 has three amazing cutting capabilities. It can function as a weed cutter, edger and mini-mower. All these different functionalities require certain adjustments to do the job. You may need to adjust the handle, wheel system or safety guard.

Ideal consumer

Worx GT2.0 is not suitable for all users. If you have a relatively large yard that requires constant trimming, edging and mowing then this three-in-one cutting system might be a good pick for you. Also if a gas or electric powered trimmer does not work well for you, you can try this cordless trimmer. Though it requires regular charging, and extra battery pack keeps you going. Lastly, individuals looking for an affordable multi-purpose cutting system that does not compromise on delivery, then Worx GT2.0 is your best pick.

Major Highlights

There are certain advantages that come with investing in such a dependable trimming system. They include:

One tool different functionalities: Multi-purpose system that features three modes: mini-mower, trimmer and edger.

Easy installation: The cutting system comes preassembled with minimal installations required. All you need is to follow the guide manual for a successful setup.

Ergonomically design: The trimmer/ edger is structured in such a way it maximizes on user comfort

Ultra-light: The trimmer weigh makes it easy to carry and use over a long period of time.

Reliable battery life: An upgrade from the previous version.

Two wheel system for extra stability: best for edger mode or functionality.

Compact size: allows easy storage

Adjustable height: Makes it versatile for different users.

Budget friendly: Fairly priced cutting system that incorporates the functionalities of the different cutting systems.

Amazing warranty: Features a two year warranty that can be extended to three years.


String snaps off easily if not used correctly, though this is a common defect to all string trimmers

Battery life is not applicable for long use. However, having a spare battery pack will help you continue with your job.

Some users find the wheels a bit hard to maneuver but quickly get a hand of things after a while.

The mini-mower mode doesn’t do much and should not replace the conventional mower. It can be used as a secondary mower on the hard to reach places.


Worx is known for its incredible shed tools. Worx GT2.0 does not disappoint either. It features a three in one functionality that makes it a great pick to the standard string trimmer. This trio system is packed with lots of amazing features that enhance its overall performs. However, it suffers some minor defects that can be overlooked when you factor in all its benefits. Worx GT2.0 is ideal for simple yard trimming needs. Grab yourself a pair today an begin to enjoy its amazing cutting capabilities.

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